Thursday, June 21, 2012

Go to Gold

Summer Makeup Tutorial
In the summer I love wearing golds. It becomes my go to neutral. I also love my skin looking dewy with a bit of shimmer and find these colors go great with a tan (real or not). Hope you find this helpful :)


Micabella Eye Primer-When using loose shadows always use an eye primer. It causes the eye shadow to stay in place and look bright and fresh. 
Smear it all over the lid. I also put some on my bottom because i always smudge eye shadow into my eye liner. 

I used two colors. I am a huge fan of micabella products. You can buy them at the Saint John, Fredericton or Moncton mall. They retailed for 18.00 dollars, but if you ask they will give you 5 for 50. I have had some of my color for two years and they are still more than half full. 

Micabella swatches. The first one is called bronze and the second is ambience. With these type of eye shadow if you add a little water the colours become much more intense. If you add even more water you can turn them into a paint-like effect with lots of shine. 

I used two eyeshawdow brushes. A large fluffy brush to put bronze all over the lid. I also put a little under my eye and made sure to blend the bronze up into the brow area. I then took ambience and put it in the outer corner as well as blended it into my crease. I used a small shadow brush for this. The easiest way I find to blend into the crease it to slightly open your eye and take the brush back and forth into the crease. Always make sure to blend. 

I love navy eyeliner. I lined my bottom and waterline with the navy eyeliner. It is from Rimmel in deep ocean. I then took the liquid liner and put a small line on the top of my lashes. I then outline just the corner of my bottom lashes in the black. I then took my brush with the gold on it and blended it into my bottom lashes for a softer effect. 

I outline both the bottom and top of my lashes. I usually do between two and three coats. This mascara is good for making your lashes look thicker. But if you are looking for length I would use something different. 

Before foundation. Foundation, blush and bronzer make a huge difference.

Eyebrow gel

This is a type of tinted moisturiser/BB cream. It makes your skin look dewy, soft and gives decent coverage. If you want more coverage I would suggest putting on a light foundation once the cream has dried. I have heard some people find it makes them look greasy. My skin is on the dryer side and I like a dewy look so it works great for me. 

Powder to set everything. I use a tinted powder since the cream doesn't offer alot of coverage. The powder will help your makeup stay in place as well as get rid of any shine. 

One of the most amazing concealers out there. 

Highlight-Zincron Micabella shawdow. A little goes a long way. Put a little under the brow bone as well as in the corner of your eye. Make sure to blend. 

Make a fish face and blend the bronzer into the hollows. This will give your face a more sculpted look. Take another brush without any makeup on blend it out. 

What I use as a daily blush. It is great for summer and offers a bit of a shimmer. Place on the apples of your checks and blend it upwards. 

Revlon in sassy mauve. Put this on my bottom lip.

Two Faced Cosmetics in Cougar. Put this on my top lip.

Rub lips together.

This what I usually wear to work or as a neutral. I love makeup and shimmer so this is as neutral as I tend to go. 

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial. I promise I'll get better with camera lighting. I have decided my next tutorial will be done by video because it will be alot easier for both myself and you. If you have any questions or comments or how I could make my blog better please let me know :)

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