Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Morning

I have been contemplated this idea for awhile. I love makeup. I love clothes, and I also have a small obsession for jewellery. After watching YouTube videos on makeup, hair and style tutorials I feel I have learned a few tricks. I also have gone through so many hair products and makeup products that I have my stay away from list as well as my favorites.
This blog will mostly feature makeup tutorials, OOTD (outfits of the day/night), makeup and clothing hauls (don't expect alot this girl is BRRROKE) and makeup swatches/reviews. I am going to start with the blog first and If I get some unexpected confidence we might venture into the youtube beauty video world.
The name of the blog was thought up by my boyfriend. I told him I wanted something nautical, beauty related and cute. So welcome to Sea of Beau-tee :)

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