Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blonde as they come

 About a month ago I decided to go very blonde. When I left the hair dresser my hair would look very blonde and a nice ash/neutral color. After washing it two to three times the toner would come out and I would be left with more golden/yellow blonde. Going back to the salon every two weeks to get a toner added is expensive as well as annoying.

I youtubed some tips and tricks to keep blonde hair nice and blonde. I came across the idea of purple shampoo. It seemed easy enough. I went to Sallys beauty supply store in Charlottetown and picked up a shampoo and conditioner. It wasn't the cheapest. 10.00 a bottle but they had a sale  of buy two get one free.

The miracle worker is called Shiny Silver. It works by depositing purple into the hair. Purple is across the color wheel from yellow so it cancels it out. I have read it can cause hair to have a slight purple tint to it if used to much, or if you have very damaged hair. I use the shampoo every other time I wash my hair. I always use the conditioner and leave it on for around 3-5 minutes. I will sometimes mix it in with a conditioning treatment such as Moroccan oil hair masque.

I would tell any blonde to use this this product. Even someone that has highlights they find to brassy this would work great for.  It works amazingly and keeps hair healthy at the same time.

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