Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Brights

Starting at left and going across

Picture 1-Coastal Scents Metal Mania Palette
Picture 2-Eyes Lips Face eyeliner and primer duo
Take primer and put all over lid as well as bottom lash line
Picture 3-Dark shimmery pink
Place all over the lid
Picture 4-Medium Purple
Put in outer half of lid as well as above crease on the outercorner
Picture 5-Finished look
Colors blend from hot pink to purple to dark grey on the top lip, and on the bottom a bright turquoise liner which is deepened with some black liner.
Picture 6-Rimmel Royal Blue Eye Liner
Line bottom and top lash line
Picture 7-Discontinued black eyeliner
Reline bottom line as well as water line
Picture 8-Shimmery dark grey
Place on the very outer corner of the eye, take the excess shadow from brush and work into crease
Picture 9-Hot Pink
Put in the inner most corner of eye and blend out into rest of shadow

*Make sure to blend all shadows, you want them to blend into each other. If you get to much shadow near your eyebrows or below your lower lash line then just take a q-tip and wipe away any mistakes.

Starting at left and moving down

Picture 1-Bad Gal Lash Benefit
Put two coats of mascara on your lashes, also put it on your lower lash line
Picture 2-Garnier BB Cream
Rub all over face with fingers. I put 4 dots on my face and then blend from there. (two on my cheeks, one on forehead and one on chin) Blend over chin line so your makeup blends nicely from face to neck. 
Picture 3-Benefit Erase Paste
Use very little. Pat under eyes to conceal dark circles
Picture 4-Physicians Formula Foundation
Take powder brush and put all over face, work it in with a circular motion, starting at the middle of your face and working outwards
Picture 5-Finished Look
Soft lips, pink cheeks and bright eyes
Picture 6-Physicians formula healthy glow bronzer
Put into hollow of the cheeks, with what is left on brush place over middle of forehead and over nose (where you get the most sun)
Picture 7-Eyes Lips Face Blush in Pink Passion
Place only on the apples of the cheeks, you do not need very much. It is a very bright and highly pigmented color.
Picture 8-Two Faced Lipstick in Centrefold
Put one layer on lips
Picture 9-Eyes lips face lipgloss in crystal clear
Rub lips together and place two coats of gloss on lips

Starting at left and moving across

Picture 1-Eyes Lips Face Shadow Brush
Used to do the shimmery pink, purple and bright pink (just wipe off on top of hand after using each color)
Picture 2-Micabella Eyeshawdow brush
Used to smudge the dark silver in the outer corner and crease
Picture 3-Eyes Lips Face smudge brush
Smudged the turquoise liner on top lash. Do not smudge bottom color
Picture 4-Eyes lips face powder brush
Used with the physicians formula foundation
Picture 5-Micabella foundation brush
Used with physicians formula healthy glow bronzer
Picture 6-Eyes Lips Face complexion brush
Used with Eyes Lips Face blush

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