Friday, June 29, 2012

Eyes Lips Face

Great News. is now offering 10 free mineral eyeshawdows with purchase of 30 dollars or more on their website. eyeslipsface is a very inexpensive but quaility brand of makeup. You could get so much for 30.00 or even purchase a brush set.
Check it Out!

My top five favorites are:
Innocent-a color that could be used for both a highlight and lid color (compareable to zincron by Micabella)
Wild-nice mocha brown (compareable to Mocha by Micabella)
Confident-sparkly gold, great for lid, inner corner or bottom lash color (Compareable to Carnival by Micabella)
Glamour-sunset colored pink (compareable to sunset by Micabella)
Smoldering-silver color that can be used dark or light  (compareable to indulgence by Micabella)

Just like the Micabella eyeshawdows you can use them wet or dry. These are 3.00 regular, but right now you can get them for free!

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